2015 MAFA Graduate Awards Winner – Vicky Olivera

Vicky Olivera MAFA MMU Graduate Award Winner 2015

 Vicky Olivera Vicky Olivera

I am a Textile artist and the overarching topic of my work is how life experiences and thoughts leave visible and invisible marks that influence our wellbeing.
The roots and origins of things and people have always interested me. My work is informed to a great extent by personal experiences, from where I reflect to propose new pieces. For example, the experience of moving from my homeland to another country was a turning point in my life, as well as my childhood memories; they all make me reflect about the past and the present. They contribute towards this reflection, generating ideas and influencing my current and future work directly and indirectly. I search for ways of making connections between those experiences and memories, translating the invisible marks that affect human wellbeing into tactile marks on the pieces I make. With each piece I intend to provoke a sense of identification and reflection by those experiencing it.
My aim is to develop my career by creating one-off pieces and site-specific installations. I am also interested in using my skills and learn new ones while working with communities.
Today I feel honoured and delighted by this distinction and would like to take the opportunity to thank M.A.F.A. for this award.
To find more about Vicky please visit her website here.

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