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2017 MAFA Graduate Awards at MMU. by I Fallon

Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Awards 2017

Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Awards 2017   After a fascinating journey through the studios and galleries of MMU School of Art on Friday June 9th David Edwards,...
2015 MAFA Graduate Awards

MMU Student Awards with MAFA President, Gerry Halpin MBE

MAFA President Gerry Halpin MBE talks about the MMU Graduate Awards Gerry Halpin MBE with Verity Howard Visiting MMU on behalf of MAFA last week and viewing a superb...

MAFA 2015 Graduate Awards Winner – Verity Howard

Verity Howard MAFA MMU Graduate Award Winner 2015 Verity Howard My practice explores using surface decoration techniques, such as monoprinting, and constructing form through slab building. I aim...
Patrick Jones Graduate Awards Winner 2015

MAFA Graduate Awards Winner – Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones MAFA MMU Graduate Award Winner 2015 Patrick Jones My practice at present uses charcoal on paper and mono-printing. Sometimes I have installed the works so that...
2015 MAFA Graduate Awards

Glenys Latham Comments On The 2015 MAFA MMU Graduate Awards

Comments From Award giver Glenys Latham upon the MAFA Graduate Awards Included in 2015 MMU Graduate Awards are four additional awards which are personal donations. Three from MAFA's Trustees...

About MAFA Graduate Awards For MMU School Of Art Graduates

MAFA MMU Graduate Awards  MAFA MMU Student Award Winners Tony Ratcliffe and John Hewitt agreed to instigate a mechanism for MAFA to make awards to final year students in Manchester...
Anthony Ratcliffe

Tour of Anthony Ratcliffe Exhibition

Tour of Anthony Ratcliffe Exhibition MAFA Member Anthony Ratcliffe gave a tour of his exhibition 'Shoreline and Watershed' at the 'MMU Special Collections Gallery' to members of MAFA...

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