Edwards, Alan



‘I have always found it difficult to write about how and why I paint. I am intuitively drawn to my subject matter. I see something and wish to make a piece of work. It’s an impulse, a feeling, a desire to develop that feeling in paint and/or other mediums. It’s also a need to create a unified piece of work based upon that initial feeling. I suspect that the artist intuits this unified piece of work more successfully than is ever achieved in the actual piece of work.’

‘From time to time I have a recurring thought about what I am doing when painting. I think that I am painting the same picture again and again. I don’t mean the same subject or even the same technical problems. I think this thought relates to underlying motives that underpin all my creative endeavours. Like all artists, I am trying to make the painting ‘work’ and this can only (in my view) be achieved through formal means. This is how the painting moves forward to hopefully some kind of resolution. Within the creative process I believe that other factors are at work which the artist cannot control. I really do not want to know what I shall end up with, when working on a painting. I am always working towards something, which is elusive and transitory. This is pursued in the next painting, and the next, and so on. It’s always the same painting.’

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