Elstein, Cecile



Cecile works with sculpture, printmaking and environmental art. She moved to London from South Africa, Cape Town in 1961. From 1977 she has lived in Didsbury, Manchester, UK. Here is a list of the focus of her work throughout her career and some recent past projects:

  • 1958 – 2005 Carved, modelled and constructed sculpture in clay, plaster, wax, rope, metal, bronze, wood.
  • 1968 – 2005 Printmaking with screen printing, plaster block printing and monotype.
  • 1999 – 2003 Art direction for video production.
  • 2004 – DVD production ‘Tangents, a mindscape in a landscape’ ISBN 1-91973497-X.
  • 2005- Portrait bronze, Michael Kennedy writer and music critic.


‘Creativity works to adapt, repair and celebrate.’
‘My work is about experience and response to relationships and environments through feeling, thought, and action. The material methods of artistic production begin with observation, investigation, research and design.’

To get in touch with Cecile, email: cecile@cecileelstein.com

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