Frankel, David


David Frankel is an artist and writer. He was born in Salford and spent his youth lurking around the westerly fringes of Manchester where he first began exploring the world through drawing and sculpture. More recently he has taken to writing things down as well as drawing them.

David’s work explores a range of subjects: the abandoned paraphernalia of two world wars, the lost villages of the highland clearances, disused industrial sites and more domestic subjects such as abandoned vehicles and houses. Relics left behind by the ebb and flow of history and the mundane changes that go unnoticed.

David has exhibited widely and his short stories and essays have been published in various anthologies and magazines.


‘I am drawn to places or objects that have been left behind by the advance of time — sites rather than landscapes: places where something has happened. I find derelict structures particularly interesting because the abandonment of a place denotes a moment of change, when a way of life was lost or an idea discarded.’

‘The author, V.S. Pritchett, once said that short stories were something glimpsed from the corner of your eye and it is the writer’s task to invest that glimpse with importance and consequence. I think this is as true for the artist as for the fiction writer.’

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