Youds, David


‘I enjoy the versitility of oil paint, the forgiving nature it possesses and being able to change things easily suits my style of painting. The paintings I seemed drawn to are mostly small studies done fairly quickly. I enjoy looking at the loose and free brushstrokes, that you can see are done more intuitively than perhaps a larger studio painting.’

‘The subjects I paint might not always be seen as an obvious choice for a painting; I choose places that I feel I have a connection with as opposed to famous landmarks. They often evoke something nostalgic or have a familiarity that engages with me.’

‘A lot of my work is studio based with the occasional plein air just to stop me picking up too many bad habits. I like to draw/sketch in the initial drawing with paint before blocking in larger areas; refining and re-establishing colours and shapes before adding detail.’

‘I usually work on a small-scale as it allows me to try new ideas without investing to much time in a painting if it doesn’t work. Plus my painting time is quite precious so I find it a good balance to accomplish something however small it may be.’

‘My passion for painting didn’t really begin until after I had finished Art College in 2005. At the time I felt a bit lost and lacked any direction, I was also young and not fully serious about commiting myself to my work.’

‘I did some life drawing classes at College which I felt gave fundamental and valuble lessons in seeing and observing a subject. Over the years I started to look more at oil painting as a natural progression from drawing. The transition from drawing figurative to painting landscape was a gradual process, although I do occasionally paint other subjects.’

‘In 2012/13 I took an oil painting course at the Norman Long Art school alongside fellow MAFA member Adam Ralston. Ian Norris also had a studio in the same building. I learnt a lot from those times and it gave me a better idea about what it would take to become a serious painter.’

‘My first real breakthrough was being selected to exhibit at the Royal Institute of British Artists 2017 at Mall Galleries London. It felt great to be exhibiting alongside some of the artists I looked up to. I have also exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and Royal Institute of Oil Painters.’

‘Another memorable highlight was making it through to the semi-final of Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2019. This experience definitely put me outside of my comfort zone. Lots of nerves, stress, doubt and worry which leading up to the filming was something to overcome. The excitment of progressing and winning my heat still lives with me. Not everybody gets the chance to go on television to do something they love.’

For more information about David’s practice visit his website.