Cebertowicz, Janina



Janina  Cebertowicz is Vice-President of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. Janina produces works on a range of subjects, grouping her output into Collections and Series, related to Figure, Landscape and Still Life. She is particularly interested in the narrative qualities and transitory elements of a subject as expressed through light and shade, movement and stillness, these link the aspects of her drawings, paintings and prints.


The range of media Janina uses reveals an uncommonly broad expertise and versatility. Her use of oil paint, pastel, crayon, watercolour and ink enables her to explore her chosen subject through the most appropriate medium. Her work in colour is accompanied by printmaking; woodcut, dry point and acid etching expanding her means of artistic expression. She has recently established links with Druckwerkstatt bbk BERLIN where she has worked alongside international printmakers. Despite this wide range fine art practice, the discerning observer will discover the unifying elements in it.


Janina does not conform to the stereotype of the ‘Northern Artist’ and finds her inspiration not only in the North, but also in her Polish roots and further afield. A MAFA Bursary to Poland expanded the nature of her work into the non-figurative realm. Her artistic style is characterised by an attention to the handling of media, with an awareness of application and the mark making possibilities of each medium – there is a neo-impressionistic quality in her use of colour, achieved by the employment of broken mark making and layering


Janina is a self-representing artist, teacher and demonstrator who rarely undertakes commissions; this allows her an enviable artistic freedom of interpretation and sometimes surprising choice of subject matter. She presents invitation only exhibitions in her studio, usually on a triennial basis. Her ‘Polish Stories’ was subsequently exhibited at Dean Clough.

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