Hicklin, Jason


Jason Hicklin’s work captures the feel of the weather and light and its effect on the landscape. All of Jason’s work is begun outdoors. Carrying the minimum of equipment, he will walk and climb the desired area for days and sometimes nights, often in extreme weather. He describes working outdoors in these tense and exciting conditions as a tremendously connecting experience – feeling a part of the land itself.

The result is a striking record of the elemental collisions between earth,sea and weather. He conveys the bleak essence of driving rain, when the mist closes down, and masters the polarities of bright skies and shadowed rocks. His work is charged with an atmosphere born of an intimate knowledge of the landscape and a direct physical experience of its changing moods.

Visit Jason’s website is www.jasonhicklin.com for more information or get in touch with the artist jasonbhicklin@gmail.com.