Taylor-Wilson, Joanne

Joanne Taylor-Wilson is a still-life, landscape and portrait painter who specialises in oils and watercolours.

Drawings and paintings are worked from direct observation using sketchbook studies, and ‘on the spot’  colour work. In landscape – the changes of light, season and weather have been a particular interest. Various locations including the Ribble Valley, Bolton Abbey and the Lake District feature in her work as well as around London in earlier pieces. Studies are developed in the studio to create paintings.

Still-life and flower paintings are worked directly from life, and always using living flowers, combined with items from my collection of shells and natural forms.

MATERIALS  – Having studied traditional techniques, similar enduring materials are used in the preparation of my work. 

CONTEXT – From early years I have been influenced by the work of early 20th century English figurative painters such as Stanley Spenser, John & Paul Nash, Eric Ravillious and the Slade school. In the 1970’s David Hockney, David Tindle & Freud represented a Modern Figurative approach .