McCombs, John


John McCombs was born in Manchester in 1943 and studied painting at St. Martins School of Art in London between 1962 and 67. After leaving Art College he returned North and settled in Saddleworth to become a professional artist. John exhibits mostly in London and Manchester and has his studio and gallery.

John McCombs is a landscape and figure painter who works mainly in oils. His subject matter is essentially the Pennine landscape centred in and around the village of Delph in Saddleworth. It is an area of undulating landscape which appeals to his interest in form. He is interested in the nature of landscape; its sense of permanence but seen under a fleeting light. John also likes painting the clothed figure and this can include crowd, group or single figure subjects based on the social and working lift of the village.

Based upon observation his technique is that of using incisive but vigorous brush-line drawing over flatly applied areas of colour. It is an investigative technique where close study of the subject and personal expression become integral. It is an insistent as well as naturally based technique which has been developed to pin down his particular interest in form, space and movement while retaining life within the paint. All is intended to be enveloped within an aesthetic as well as meaningful whole which strives to speak for itself.

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