Garcia Martin, Laura


Laura Garcia Martin is a versatile visual artist who has been trained in animation, illustration, photography and film and has an extensive body of work as a painter.

She conceives painting as a tool to communicate in the most intuitive way. Laura makes art to channel diverse aspects of everyday life. Her work explores the different environments in which she is immersed: social groups, the family home and my place of work. She strives to express how the place, in this case Manchester, has affected and shaped her sense of identity and belonging.


‘I explore the world as I know it through personal experience, and my work allows me to reflect on who I am, what I do and other aspects that shape my identity. I paint from the perspective of the outsider, and in exhibiting my work I feel art to be my first language and mother tongue.’

‘Although I like to experiment with other techniques, my preferred medium is oil /acrylic on paper, canvas or board. This allows me to fight against the canvas, destroying and building layers or literally erasing, cutting the whole piece down in order to create something completely different until the definitive idea emerges.’

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