Robinson, Maggie



Having grown up in the beautiful countryside of the North Yorkshire Moors in a large musical family, Maggie moved south to go to University and spent the next 40 years away from her beloved North. She was, however, delighted to return to her roots with her husband Brian in 2010 and has since developed her ‘Music of the landscape’ series of paintings, for which she is now well recognised.
In seeking to have a personal identity in her work, she decided, as a former musician, to use her understanding of music as a means of interpreting the landscape.

In addition to this, Maggie has more recently begun to develop an indoor series entitled ‘A moment in time’ in which she applies the same criteria but through found objects or spontaneous moments of observation in and around the home. Applying her same use of colour and marks she aims to capture the real, but always with a twist towards the abstract.

Her work has been shown for many years in the Mall Galleries with the Society of Women Artists and more recently with the Royal Society of British Artists.


‘I look for the musical qualities of melody, harmony and rhythm in any given view which I explore through my choice of colour, line and marks in my work. Each landscape painting is given a musical title and an Opus number. I have now created over 400 paintings in the ‘Music of landscape’ series.’

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