Mary Campbell



Mary’s early years and school days were spent in Coventry, a city of reconciliation and rebuilding after the wartime blitz. She came to Liverpool University in 1962 and graduated with an Honours Degree in Architecture, followed by a Masters Degree in Civic Design. In 1981 Mary obtained a PGCE at what was then Edge Hill College of Higher Education.

After a career in teaching, she took an Art Foundation Course at Southport College in 1995 before completing the BA Honours Art and Design Modules at Edge Hill College in 1997. Mary has since worked mainly as a printmaker with work exhibited in the United Kingdom and abroad.  She has been a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts since 2004 and was invited to join the Wirral Society of Arts in 2007.


‘I love to draw and paint people and scenes I observe at home and on journeys near and far. Sometimes immediately or maybe years later, this store of personal experiences inspires fresh visual ideas which I express in printmaking. In particular the process of making collagraph plates is a playful and on occasion unpredictable way to explore meaning, memory or narrative through structure and form.  Viscosity printing is the means I use to experiment with the fantasy and emotion of colour.

Collagraph prints are tricky to replicate so I never print editions but only three or four from each plate.’

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