Long, Norman


Norman Long was born in 1976 in Preston. He received his BA in Fine Art from Newcastle University. He has now established his reputation as a distinguished portraitist and figurative painter.

His portraits have twice been featured in the BP portrait award and Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibitions. Most recently he was awarded the coveted de Laszlo Award for the portrait of his father, Walter Long.

In his private work, Norman’s subjects range from cityscape to still life, but he is best known for his evocative figure compositions depicting people in cafes or on the street. There is often a mysterious sense of a story unfolding in Norman’s paintings, yet the threads of the narrative are rarely tied down by the artist, leaving the viewer to complete the picture.

In 2008, Norman undertook postgraduate study at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Since then, he has concentrated on building his gallery reputation, while still undertaking occasional teaching and commissioned work.


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