Arif, Rachel


Rachel was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, where she lived until her late 20s.  She then moved to London where she currently lives with her husband and two young children. 

She is an oil painter who spends her spare time travelling the UK, where she is inspired by its enchanting coastlines, quaint rural villages and woodland areas.  Her weather filled works portray the relationship between the land, sea and the forces of nature, closely mirroring the way in which the land and weather can shape our emotions, hopes and aspirations.  

Her work is textured, magnetic and atmospheric.  Collectors of Arif’s work recount a feeling of sensory immersion describing the emotion and energy you feel when viewing her work.

Rachel’s studio is based in Greenwich by the River Thames.  She surrounds herself with found objects such as driftwood, old fishing nets and dried flowers.

Rachel has exhibited along with the Royal Society of British Artists on several occasions, has had work shown at The Discerning Eye and is represented by several prominent galleries across the UK. Rachel has works in The Hyatt Churchill London, is regularly featured in Artist Editorials and has delivered talks and mentorship with Suffolk University.

Rachel also works closely with several charities including Art on a Postcard for Hepatitis C Trust, Sketch for survival for Explorers against extinction and various animal welfare/environment and wildlife conservation. Rachel classes Shiela Fell, Joan Eardley and Frank Auerbach as artists who have influenced her in some way.  Rachel also credits Turner, Constable and Corot as artists she admires.

To find out more about Rachel’s paintings and practice visit her website. You can get in touch with Rachel by email: