Clancy, Rachel

painting by Rachel Clancy

Associate Member

Rachel Clancy was born and raised in Manchester. She completed an Art and Design foundation course and Fine Art Degree at Manchester School of Art from 2018-2022. She then continued her studies in Manchester, and is currently completing her Master’s degree in Painting. 


I am a figurative painter, concerned with ideas surrounding illusion, trickery and magic. I am interested in how my artifice with paint could mimic the sleight of hand nature of a magic trick. Through using a technical, layered process of painting, I am interested in how a surface of paint acts as an illusion to a viewer. I incorporate mundane, everyday objects in my paintings, distorting their context and emphasising them in my compositions. Colour and lighting are also important in my practice, as I use glazes of oil paint to enhance depth and luminosity in my works.


Instagram: @rachelclancyart