Manby, Simon


Simon was born 1942 and trained in sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art under Eric Schilsky from 1960 to 1966. Until 1972 he was a Lecturer in sculpture at Stoke College of Art, since then he has aspired to live by art.

From teenage years direct carving in stone and wood was Simon’s ambition and passion, although to survive as an artist, he had to make compromises, good and bad, to sustain a family: drawings, watercolours, prints, picture framing, occasional talks and short adult education courses.

Some thirty years ago, Simon more or less abandoned carving, turning instead to working in clay and having the sculpture bronze cast. However carving left an indelible influence on his work, almost every piece in clay or bronze is conceptually a design for a carving.

The only other survivor of his carving experience are the lino cut prints that he makes. Using this simple printmaking technique also goes back to schooldays. This process has echoes of carving because it requires the chiselling away of a surface, removing areas of unrequired material. There are some subjects more readily suited to an expression in two dimensions than three.


‘These days I am content to substantially work for my own interest on a small scale, often re-exploring old themes, but stimulated by happenings of the present; for example when we are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, my thoughts not surprisingly turn to the existential subject of isolation.’

Simon has a substantial number of bronzes available in limited editions, see his website for more details

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