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I am a printmaker living in the NE of England working with Etching, Silkscreen, Monoprint and Linocut techniques. My work deals with a representation of everyday life; peoples memories, ambitions and desires and their acceptance of certain traditions. I hope to comment on the ways in which our lives are shaped by experiences derived chiefly from childhood; parental influence being the most immediate. To a large degree these early experiences shape our actions, priorities and choices in life.
All the images are figurative and are recognisably so. I feel it is important that the audience should be able to closely identify with the subject. In recent work, I have used the swing as a metaphor for the passage of time; like the ticking of a clock. The constant backward and forward motion representing day to day responsibilities we all incur as adults and the fact that rarely are there routes offered as alternatives to the monotony.
I constantly use my work to resolve certain aspects within my own life and enjoy using common themes, thereby making the work accessible to all cultures and classes. After having my second daughter I have based current work around her early developments, crawling, cruising and walking.

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