Painting by Amrik Varkalis
Painting by Amrik Varkalis

Amrik Varkalis
Painter and printmaker 

After graduating from Manchester College of Art, Amrik has continued to paint and show her work in number of prestigious galleries. Within the contemporary art world she strives to be a successful painter and printmaker, painting in acrylics and oils. Connected with the northern landscape and its people, she creates a unique vibrancy within her work which may not be recognised by other artists.

One of the distinct qualities of her work is the use of colour which may possibly stem from her Indian heritage. It is important for her to engage the viewer and that they feel uplifted by her work.

Amrik is represented by Country Galleries Altrincham, Cheshire 

Recent exhibitions:

According to McGee York 
Stockport Art Gallery Stockport 
Portico Manchester 
South Square Bradford 
Station Gallery Richmond 

Forth coming exhibitions:

Portico Manchester 
Dean Clough Halifax
According to McGee 

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