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Featured Artists - the three featured artists currently shown on the main News page

New MAFA Member - Ian Mood

Mood, Ian

Ian Mood. Ian studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England, Bristol, and divides his time between his home just outside of Manchester and the...
Herbert Yates

Yates, Herbert

Herbert Yates: Until a knee injury a year ago most of the inspiration for my painting came from walking the moors around Manchester. By necessity, I had to...
Shaun Smyth

Smyth, Shaun

Shaun Smyth: was born in Cheshire and grew up in Runcorn on the shore of the River Mersey, he chose to study art at Halton College in Widnes...
Jane Braithwaite

Braithwaite, Jane

Jane Braithwaite SEA MAFA. Jane lives in the Pennine village of Delph, north of Manchester, where she was born and grew up. Her love for drawing and painting...
'Barton Bridge' by Colin Taylor MAFA

Taylor, Colin

Colin Taylor: "For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by 'landscape'; why it looks the way it does, how we shape it, use it, manage...
'Mother 2' - Sarah Sharpe

Sharpe, Sarah

Sarah Sharpe. I am a little bit obsessed with the Mother and Child Archetypes. I think this partly stems from personal experience of being a mother, in particular,...
007-'Elements 5' acrylic-mixed media on canvas 180cm x 180cmby Pam Ibbotson

Ibbotson, Pam

Pam Ibbotson: In my painting, I am concerned with creating an equivalent of the sensations experienced when in contact with nature, with its underlying energies and rhythms. At the...
A painting by Jo Jenkins

Jenkins, Jo

Jo Jenkins Artists Profile: I am a retired art teacher who now paints full time. My paintings are a response to places I have visited and images I remember....
Ron Coleman profile Pic

Coleman, Ron

Ron Coleman Artist's Profile: I use an abstract expressionist approach to my painting and the resulting abstract painting is visual evidence I have absorbed some life experience that is...
Alan Edwards MAFA Profile

Edwards, Alan

Alan Edwards, Wirral: I have always found it difficult to write about how and why I paint. I am intuitively drawn to my subject matter. I see something...
Phil Withersby MAFA Member

Withersby, Phil

Phil Withersby, Sowerby Bridge I make images that are concerned with expressing the elements in the landscape that appear to be significant to me. Topographical recording of the...
Laura Garcia Martin

Garcia Martin, Laura

Laura Garcia Martin Manchester I am a versatile visual artist who has been trained in Animation and illustration, photography and film and have an extensive body of work as...
'On The Shining Shore' by Malcolm Taylor

Taylor, Malcolm

Malcolm Taylor P.S. V.P.M.A.F.A. Malcolm has been painting for over 40 years and for the last seven years he has been a full time artist. He is Vice...
'Blue Helicore' carved by Jude Tucker

Tucker, Judith

Jude Tucker - Artist & Stone Carver: The first works I showed with the Manchester Academy were very large charcoal drawings based on the natural world. I would...
Cheviot Landscape by John Sprakes

Sprakes, John

John Sprakes, Long Eaton: Many of John's paintings have been inspired by the landscape along Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland. This stretch of dramatic landscape starts at Wallsend in Newcastle to...

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