De More, Barry


Barry De More Artist’s Profile.

I began painting early on in life and won an international painting prize at the age of eleven, which was a painting of a teapot. I have been painting ever since. However, I didn’t really start painting seriously until 1976.
I have always been interested in the relationship between figures and buildings but how to make sense of the complexity and how it might become a painting is an on-going development.
As a figurative painter my primary source of inspiration arises from observation and the on the spot drawing/painting which always takes pre-eminence for any painting which may arise. Currently my main focus of interest is to be found in the area of Yorkshire, in particular the urban landscape, peopled with human activity and how they relate to one another in a painting.

Generally I prefer the more unexciting and the ordinary in my choice of subject so that I can make something more memorable of the commonplace. Looking for a simple arrangement in the urban landscape would suit me fine as a starting point. My aim is to make a new reality in paint and to discover new visual language of interpretation.

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