Painting by Gill Hamilton
Gill Hamilton.

Born in Lancashire in 1953, I attended Burnley Art College and Ripon College of Education studying Art and Education.
After early retirement from teaching I began to develop my art practice in earnest, settling on the genres of still life and portraiture as my specialities.
Drawing has always been at the centre of my practice and I regularly draw from life both from the nude and the clothed model.
Some of my still life paintings suggest a human presence or familiar narrative which resounds with the viewer. The book, left open for a moment, the coat thrown casually on a chair back, the boots, taken off and discarded after a hike, all indicate that someone has been here and may return.

It is a particular quality of an object which catches my eye and inspires me to paint it; the sheen of a smooth skinned fruit, the light falling on a textured surface, the shape of a bowl against a patterned cloth. Ordinary, everyday things take on an importance and become the star performers on my stage.

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