Janina Cebertowicz MAFA Member
Janina Cebertowicz

Janina Cebertowicz

The passing of time and transitory elements of the figure in motion and the change of light in the landscape links the two aspects of the work I do. Since 1976 I have painted and drawn areas of England and Greece. In 1990 I began recording activities at the Royal Northern College of Music linking Art with an interest in Music. In opera performances I can find the subject matter that I have a passion for studying – the expressive, moving figure and dramatic light and shade. I work by torchlight in the wings or in Front of House.
In 1997 I received the MAFA Bursary Award which enabled me to visit Warsaw in Poland, to study musicians at the Warsaw Philharmonic and Chopin Conservatoire. I am currently engaged on a long term project which has been directly inspired by the visit and the musicians I met.


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