A painting by Jo Jenkins
Jo Jenkins

Jo Jenkins Artists Profile:

I am a retired art teacher who now paints full time. My paintings are a response to places I have visited and images I remember. I enjoy being outdoors and I’m a keen walker.

A painting by Jo Jenkins
A painting by Jo Jenkins

Dramatic lighting and situations where one is unsure about what one can actually see fascinate me. The coastline of New Zealand, inclement weather in the Lake District or views from the many coastal paths I have walked, always supply inspiration. Old buildings and the deserted villages I have visited, provide a mystery in terms of the positive and negative shapes they contain.

I work intuitively, some paintings contain strong figurative references, and others are completely abstract. I enjoy the versatility of oil paint as well as the smell! Layering paint and re-working surfaces are an important part of my practice.

My paintings can take a very long time and I constantly revisit pieces until I feel

A painting by Jo Jenkins
A painting by Jo Jenkins

happy with the balance of shapes and the suggestion of intrigue.

My paintings are sold through private galleries in this country and are held in collections abroad.

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Email Jo Jenkins: jo@jojenkinsartist.me

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