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Linda Weir

Linda Weir, St Ives

Cornwall inspires and empowers. It facilitates self awareness in a landscape both mythic and magical. People are often pilgrims here, searching for something deep within themselves and the landscape, and time to reflect.
Relationship with place is intense, it incorporates the senses. The sounds ,smells, appearances,textures and tastes of perhaps a garden, route or the lie of the land , anchor experience connected with them in the bodymemory. Fragments of a lifetime reawakened by a sea breeze.The senses can invoke anything that is or has been felt.
Art is both the creation of the self and the self creating. I love paint and materials as much as when I went to a playcentre in Almond St. School in Manchester and the smell of plasticene in the art room encapsulated all the pleasure creative play. I try to my being in painting. This is not just the image of place weather and seasons, but the spectrum of emotions and associations tangled up in everyday life. At its very best the painting itself becomes a kind of rebirth; a new strategy, sometimes forced out of desperation or exultation .W.B.Yeats said : ‘a terrible beauty is born’ something completely new in the world – that is creativity. A lot of wrongs adding up to a right. 

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