Lorna Green MAFA Member
Lorna Green

Lorna Green, Bramhall, Cheshire

I am a sculptor and environmental artist whose main interest is in Art in
Public Places. I have worked throughout the U.K. as well as overseas in
both urban and rural landscapes, indoors and outdoors and have made
sculptures which have been both permanent and temporary including many

'River 2011' environmental sculpture by Lorna Green
‘River 2011’, Lorna Green

My sculpture is site specific in that it relates totally to the
site taking into consideration the architecture, the landscape, the history,
economy, ecology or mythology of the area. I use a wide variety of
materials relevant to the project – wood, stone, bricks, steel, bronze,
planting, rope, sand, water, glass, light, plastics, even feathers, silk
flowers and drinks cans, and snow, etc. and enjoy working on both large and
small scale. Recently I have incorporated specially composed music to be
played by musicians within my projects and have been awarded the MAFA Dr
Barbara Oldham Bursary 2017 for “Quarry”, a stone, video and music sculpture

'The Giving Tree' Environmental Sculpture by Lorna Green
‘The Giving Tree’ Environmental Sculpture by Lorna Green



I have worked the length and breadth of the UK as well as in Australia several times, New Zealand, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, Hungary, Italy, France also several times, Germany three times, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, Lithuania, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands, Lapland and Gran Canaria and am happy to continue to work and explore other countries and continents.




Lorna Green’s Website  and Lorna Green’s New Website

'La Mouette' 2014, Environmental Sculpture by Lorna Green
‘La Mouette’ 2014, Environmental Sculpture by Lorna Green


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