Phil Withersby MAFA Member
Phil Withersby

Phil Withersby, Sowerby Bridge

I make images that are concerned with expressing the elements in the landscape that appear to be significant to me. Topographical recording of the scene rarely gives the truest picture of the landscape, so that although the work appears to very specific and focused on a place, any individual image is in fact the result of selection and conscious design. I find it necessary to edit, distort, exaggerate and invent to produce a work that captures something that sparks recognition in the viewer.
I paint from memory and instinct, using my experience of observing and recording light, colour, texture and form to distil the essence of the landscape as I see it.

My love of drawing is perhaps best illustrated by the intricately worked etchings that I have produced that draw on the same source material as the paintings but which are worked on a very intimate scale. The desire to experiment with the etching and aquatint processes has been a strong element in driving the making of prints. I am deeply interested in the expressive power of the sharp etched line in combination with the moods made possible by the use of aquatint. I see my current work as a celebration of the monumental and the serene in the landscape.

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