New MAFA Member - Estella Scholes
By Estella Scholes
Estella Scholes.

I am an artist based in Crewe, although most of my source material comes from an enduring love of the coast of North West Wales. I originally trained as a Painter, making large scale canvas work, graduating from Lanchester Polytechnic in 1975. I returned to fine art in the 1990’s,after a long gap, gaining a Masters Degree in Fine Art in 2003. I worked in community education for many years and continue to teach privately from time to time, running workshops in printmaking and book art.

My current work is in various original printmaking techniques, and increasingly in making artists books. Inspiration comes from favourite coastal areas, where the visual impressions of colour, texture and shape from eroded natural forms, manmade beach debris and the remnants of vanishing industries linger in the mind, to emerge as abstract imagery on paper.

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