Ulrich West MAFA Member
Ulrich West

Ulrich West, Wigan

Ulrich was born in Brussels in 1937 and
educated in Sussex, India, London and Scotland.
After National Service in the Royal Navy, he
studied Graphic Design at the Liverpool College
of Art in the late Fifties. In 1972, he qualified as
a teacher of special needs adults at the Bolton
Institute of Technology.
Ulrich continued to teach for eight years, after
which he resigned his post as Deputy Manager of
an Adult Training Centre to become a freelance
artist and to bring up his daughter Emily.
He has exhibited widely in the North West and
has work in private collections in London, Wales,
France, Canada, Germany, Japan and U.S.A. He
is a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine
Arts, the Sefton Guild of Artists and the Society
of Graphic Fine Art.
Ulrich works from his studio in Ashton-in-
“My recent work is a continuing development of
my interest in the evolution of the landscape
due to natural and man made influences. I am
fascinated by surface weathering, erosion and
obsolete industrial structures and detritus
but also in what may lie beneath the surface,
left by our ancestors. The layering of ages,
distilled in the imagination makes up much of
the imagery in my work. The techniques I use;
burning, scratching, wearing down and
building up surfaces are an echo of this.”


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