Light and Hope

Online Lockdown Exhibition

Due to the pandemic some of our planned exhibitions have had to be postponed. However many of our artists have been very busy during lockdown creating new artwork.

Light and Hope showcases the paintings, prints and sculptures created by MAFA members during the pandemic. Our online exhibition captures a snapshot of what life has been like during Covid-19. It also explores the things that have inspired our artists during this extraordinary time.

‘One of the things that struck me most in lockdown was how silent the world became. Without the noise of traffic, without people about on the streets or gathering in public places, with closed shops coffee shops and restaurants, a peace descended which I loved and I could hear the silence and fill it with delights of my own – birdsong and music.’

Maggie Robinson

‘The lockdown encouraged me to appreciate the space around me in our large rambling garden, and to work to record and to preserve its diversity. It is imperative now that our climate is so challenged to care for plants, trees and the spaces that they occupy if we are to go forward.’

Kate McKennan

‘I have created new series of work: Entitled Control and Barriers.My sketchbook studies inform my new Series ‘Controls and Barriers’. I have long been interested in studying street furniture of roadworks at different hours of the day. During these recent months under Covid, visual elements seemed to merge and distanced figures became structures to be observed.’

Janina Cebertowicz

Some of the artwork in this online exhibition is for sale, browse our online shop to find a perfect piece for you or a loved one.