Manchester Academy of Fine Arts was founded on 14th November 1859. Originally affiliated to the Royal Manchester Institution on Mosley Street.
Artwork By:
Julia Midgley, Northwich
A complete pictorial list of MAFA's past presidents.
Current President:
Gerry Halpin MBE MAFA
'The Story So Far: Manchester Academy of Fine Arts 1859 - 2003' By Sheila Dewsbury Published by Manchester Academy of Fine Arts
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Apply to become a member of MAFA. This years elections take place at Manchester School Of Art on 25th March. Full details with the form...
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"The research section of our website is aimed at students and will show studios, working methods of artists and further examples of their work. The work of students who have attended workshops with the artists will also be shown....
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Exhibitions and Events

MAFA has held annual exhibitions of it's members work on a regular, mostly continuous basis, since they were first started during the 1870's. Follow this link to see some of the more recent exhibitions.

The photos shown are from the MAFA Cathedral Exhibition 2015 which was held at Manchester Cathedral July 11th - August 9th, 2015.


Manchester Academy of Fine Arts was founded on 14th November 1859

Since that time MAFA has been at the centre of the Manchester Art scene.