Featured Artist: John Sprakes

A view from Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

My Creative Journey

I have often likened my artisitc development to that of a long train journey. It started as a young boy at junior and secondary school, continued at Doncaster School of Art and then on to Edinburgh College of Art: I am still aboard this train. There have been many stops along the way: diversions into sidings, several unexpected delays, changes to the timetable and hitting the buffers. Throughout my artistic journey, however, there has been constant progress and many changes have taken place. There are many constant themes inhabiting my work:

watching light moving across forms

trying to disentangle myself from the labels we put on objects

making the paint reveal its progress, and looking for harmonious and discordant relationships

trying to make informed decisions and revealing how less is more; i.e. 

what is left out

rendering light, atmosphere and place

responding to the intensity of mood and the visual strength of 

visual relationships

revealing the narrative of the physical presence of the subject matter, 

enhancing the depth and illusion of space.

Red Fields
Alphabet Mug

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