‘Quarry’ – By Lorna Green

'Quarry' by Lorna Green
“Quarry” 2017-2019, by Lorna Green with music by Julia Harding is a
sculpture/video/music installation about four aspects of Endon Quarry in
Kerridge, Macclesfield.
Filmed over 12 months, the videos:- ‘Machines
Story’, ‘Quarry Landscape’, Birds, Bees and Butterflies’, and ‘Water, Mud,
Snow’ play with natural sounds and repeated with music, was first exhibited
at The Bollington Festival in May 2019.
A bursary from Manchester Academy of
Fine Art was awarded to achieve “Quarry” and it will be shown again in a
MAFA Exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery in September 2019.

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