‘Across Borders’ Gallery of Work & List of Artists Exhibiting.

'A Moorland Stile' by John McCombs

The gallery shows some of the work that our members will be showing at the Crossley Gallery and will be available for sale during the exhibition.

Members can add, or amend, their work by using the form or emailing the web secretary up to the 30th June.

This is a list of the members participating in MAFA’s ‘Across Borders’ exhibition at the Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough.

If you wish to know more about any of the artists select the link and this will show the artist’s profile with further links to their own websites and social sites.

For artists who do not have a link – this is because we do not have an artists profile yet. Send your profile, with any contact details and links you wish to be included on the website to the websecretary using the form or email.Ashcroft Michael

Barlow Bohuslav

Barrow David

Boak Derek

Braiden Simon

Braithwaite Jane

Burgess Jane

Campbell Mary

Coleman Ron

Collins Kate

Davis Peter

De More Barry

Dewsbury Sheila

Edwards Alan

Elstein Cecile

Fenton Jean

Fitton Richard

Genner Crawford Anne

Goddard Michael

Halpin Gerry

Hamlett Keith

Haynes Kevin

Herd Hall Angela

Hewitt John

Howe David

Ibbotson Pam

Jenkins Jo

Johnson Derek

Kinmont Andrew

Lawson Christopher

Lenegan Katie

Long Norman

Lowe Kath

Manfredi Lucy

McCombs John

McKennan Kate

McPake John

Midgley Julia

Norris Ian

Ralston Adam

Ratcliffe Anthony

Risley Joanne

Rogers Alison

Seba Smith Francis

Sharpe Sarah

Skinner John

Smart Anthony

Smyth Shaun

Southworth Christine

Sprakes David

Sprakes John

Sprakes Bramwell

Stanaway Peter

Sykes Barbara

Taylor Malcolm

Taylor Colin

Varkalis Amrik

Wilks Melanie

Yates Herbert

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