Ratcliffe, Anthony


Anthony Ratcliffe is a now a full time printmaker after a career lecturing at Manchester School of Art. He has prints in many public and private collections including The British Council, the Parliamentary Art Collection, Manchester Airport PLC, Manchester Royal Infirmary and MMU Special Collections.

Anthony has always based his work around an exploration of British landscape. His images are developed from sketchbook drawings made on site and enriched by further research into historical records of topographical and archaeological features found in the remoter areas of upland and coastline. Anthony’s artistic interpretation of landscape has always been enhanced by years of involvement with climbing and fell running and he lives and works from a studio overlooking the Dark Peak National Park.

His current project is ‘Beyond the Tree’ a solo exhibition for North Yorkshire Moors National Park Gallery – Danby 2020. Other recent exhibitions include:

  • ‘Common Ground’ – Royal Geographic Society Pavilion
  • New Light Prize Exhibition – Bowes Museum, Huddersfield Art gallery, Bankside Gallery and Tullie House Gallery and Museum.
  • NeoPrint Prize International Print Exhibition  – Bolton
  • Mountain Arts festival – Rheged Gallery  Cumbria
  • Leeds Fine Artists at Dean Clough and North York Moors ‘Inspired By’ Gallery Danby.  MAFA exhibition – Stockport Art Gallery
  • Northern Stones and Peat Smoke – solo exhibition, Kirkby Gallery Merseyside

Website: anthonyratcliffe.co.uk

Email: info.woodcut@yahoo.co.uk