Collins, Kate



Kate Collins was born in Macclesfield 1948. She began as a freelance illustrator with an ambition, designing cards for the Medici Society and other companies. Her work has been described as naive by various commercial galleries, but she sees it as ‘Outsider’ art in the main. Kate follows her own instincts experimenting in different mediums. She has work in many private collections national and international. Kate has been mentioned in the Who’s who in Art and is a Member of ABNA  and Association of British Naive Artists.


‘The ideas I have stem mainly from life’s experiences, a love of the countryside and decorative objects which are incorporated in ceramic design, and paintings of varied subjects. Influenced by the vintage Fairyland ware produced by Wedgewood in the 1930s , my ceramics are decorated with precious metal lustres and enamel. Paintings are egg Tempera and oils.’