Quick, Henry


Henry was born in Manchester in 1946. Having a father who was a commercial artist gave him a keen interest in design, drawing and painting. After various jobs he left the North for Canterbury, Kent to train as a teacher and gained a distinction in Art. He began a lifetime of teaching in inner-city Manchester but continued to paint when he could. His appetite to learn more led him to years of classes with the admirable Bill Turner at his studio.

Henry use a variety of mixed media in my work, from different types of paint, to plaster, lead, wax, leather as well as found objects. I have had a number of exhibitions over the years in the North West, particularly at Stockport War Memorial Art gallery, where, because of the nature of my subject matter, I have been invited to show work.


‘I have a passionate interest in the history of the two World Wars which has resulted in a considerable collection of books, artefacts and ephemera. After retirement in 2000, I decided it was time to begin specific visits to the battlefields of Europe to see the places I had read about. Many of these excursions were on my trusty bicycle.’

‘The inspiration for a great deal of my work therefore, originates in Normandy or Ypres or the Somme. Many locations visited are secluded, neglected or overgrown and whilst they often retain an atmosphere of tension and tragedy, where a sense of menace can hang in the air, they can also be imbued with a strange, lingering beauty.’

To find out more about Henry’s artwork, please visit his website.