Norris, Ian

Ian Norris studied fine art at Blackburn College of Art and is a member of The Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. 

Ian Norris starts the process of any painting by producing numerous drawings and small studies from observation. Then the artist returns to the studio to paint larger works from memory, using his sketches and studies as a reference. Norris expresses feelings of being before his subject or present in a place, relying upon memory, instinct, and the act of drawing and painting to bring about the work of art. The artist uses abstraction to reveal this emotional underpinning, and his organic process embraces chance, spontaneity, and modification.

Norris is interested in the physicality of paint itself. His larger paintings contain multiple applications of paint to create texture and layers; sometimes small or entire sections are scraped back to unveil a variety of colours and textures in the depths of the board or canvas.