Burgess, Jane


Born in Cheshire, Jane studied Graphic Design at Maidstone College of Art 1968-71. As well as being a member of MAFA, she belongs to Leeds Fine Art Club. She has exhibited widely, her work being held in both public and private collections.

Her pictures demonstrate her interest in the effects of light in the landscape, and it is often the light of the Mediterranean that inspires her. Although she experiments with various media, watercolour appeals to her because of its immediacy of use and the luminosity of its colours. Most recently, however, she has been working in oils, producing small pictures en plein air and carrying out larger works in the studio.

She has been greatly influenced by her late father, Morgan Hewinson, also a painter and member of MAFA, with whom she often went out painting and sketching as a youngster, sometimes to the countryside, sometimes to slum-clearance sites in Stockport and Manchester. She is still fascinated by unconventional subject matter such as tangled vegetation, broken fences, and dilapidated buildings. She carries a camera with her everywhere, using photography in her work, both as a means of recording and to experiment with composition.

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