Lenegan, Katie


Katie Lenegan is an artist based in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. She studied at the Manchester School of Art, MMU and graduated with a B.A.Hons Degree in Fine Art and later a PGCE in Further Education. A member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, her work is held in both private and corporate collections.


‘Light and nature are a main theme and fascination of my work. I draw inspiration from the natural environment and my current work is in response to the Wild Gardens, near to where I live. The main source of inspiration for this work is the pond, it gives light to the wood and the illuminating reflections display patterns, rhythms, and sounds that are drawn through the water. To capture this state of perpetual change, I use a combination of media. Fleeting glimpses of detail, tree branches distorted in the water and changes of light are all combined to capture a sense of time and place.’

You can follow her progress on her Instagram page: @katieleneganstudio

Katie Lenegan’s Webiste