Haynes, Kevin


Kevin was born in the small village of Waterhead, Oldham in 1949. Waterhead, at that time, was dominated by cotton mills, where many hundreds of people worked. Kevin is a self-taught artist, having had no formal art training. His naive style with crisp lines and vibrant colours, capture the times of the northern textile industry.

Kevin now has paintings in collections in the UK, Europe, USA, Thailand, China, Australia and New Zealand. He was elected into MAFA in 2017 but is also a member of The Association Of British Naïve Artists, ABNA. Kevin has exhibited work in municipal and private galleries throughout the UK.


‘I work in my studio at home and build up ideas by looking at old photographs and capturing my memories of the past. My real interest is in painting urban landscapes and the people in them. I remember the colourful headscarves of the working women of Waterhead and their mannerisms. I build up my compositions organically, often creating initial sketches of sections then adapting the painting as it develops.’