Ackerley, Liz


Associate Member


Liz initially took a science degree and had a medical research career. Then, over twenty years ago she changed direction and graduated from Birmingham institute of Art and Design (later Birmingham City university). Following a career in landscape design and management, during the last 12 years she has evolved from designer to artist, first to reportage illustration, then to mixed media art. Liz has been working as a full-time artist for the last 5 years.

Liz had a 2-person exhibition at Gallery Oldham in 2022 (Landscape inside out) and Solo shows in 2018 and 2020. Previously she has shown as part of open exhibitions in the Northwest and as part of Open Studios in Saddleworth. Her artwork is held in local and international private and public collections.


The start point for my work is always on location with the subject matter, drawing and painting, on paper and in sketchbooks. I use a variety of approaches to explore and get to know the subject and what it is that excites me. This stage is all about my connection with the experience. It is fundamental to my work and the development of paintings in the studio.

I am fascinated by place and creating a sense of place in my work. The breath-taking wild landscapes, and places that surround me are my source of continuous inspiration. I am fascinated specifically by what makes these places unique. I am drawn to transitions in the landscape, the unique energies of different places. My drawings and paintings express my feelings about those places. Never a single view, I seek to reflect the rich sensory experience of being out in the landscape, immersed.

The marks of the landscape (lines, dots, smears, patterns), the colours and movement, in different weathers and seasons, are a visual language of their identity. They are the focus for my studies. My expressive mixed media work in the landscape and in the studio, explores how to capture and translate these experiences into multi-layered dynamic abstract paintings. Collage, acrylic paint and other media are combined to create rich textural works with a sense of the place and a reflection of the passage of time.