Ventris, Louise


Associate Member


Louise is a contemporary painter based in the West Yorkshire town of Holmfirth. After studying Fine Art at Bristol, she spent several years working as a digital designer in London before finally settling in Yorkshire and establishing her home and studio.

Louise’s work has been exhibited widely across the North of England and in various exhibitions including Leeds Summer Show, Mercer Open and the Old Parcels Office Open.


As an artist, I am exploring the metaphor of journeys. Whether it’s commuting through dark nights, school runs, or stuck in traffic, these experiences are part of the human journey that we all share.

The daily commute is one such journey, a metaphor for the challenges of life. Stuck in traffic or caught in gridlock, these moments of “dead time” can often feel stressful and futile. Yet, it is observing these moments the world around me and preserving the moment through my art.

My paintings often feature scenes of commuting and travel, with vehicles and roadways forming the backdrop for the larger themes of capitalism and environmental impact. I strive to convey the underlying tension and complexity of our relationship with our environment.