Bansal, Paulette

Paulette Bansal Ledger

Associate Member


I am an artist/printmaker who lives and works in Manchester. I work from a home studio space and am a member of Hot Bed Press. I exhibit regularly with a local print collective and individually and had my first solo show in Manchester, December 2022.

My current practice examines the unearthing of memories through inherited objects. The inception of this project began with a timely decision to open an archive of my late father’s belongings, untouched for years in our cellar. As we carefully unpacked and documented each item through forensic photography, I was struck by the sentimental value and rich history imbued in these objects. This moment ignited a desire to work with and draw inspiration from these precious heirlooms. Deeply rooted in cataloguing, conservation, and archives, I began to record the varying marks and handwriting through drawing and intaglio printmaking techniques, primarily etching, collagraph and chine colle.

More recently a year’s residency at Artlab Contemporary Print Studios, UCLan allowed me to rethink the objects and concept with a new focus generating a site-specific installation ‘Moments in Time’ at Victoria Baths, Manchester. 72 screen-prints became the focus of the installation which stretched out along the floor of the now empty pool area.