Robinson, Sandra


I trained at Manchester School of Art graduating in 2005 with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting. My work has been shown in galleries throughout the UK including The Bankside Gallery in London and The Royal West Academy (RWA) in Bristol.


Visual Maps, visual memory, walking, travel, mapping, landscapes of the mind.

When I walk I think about life experiences, places I have been whilst absorbing the landscape I am walking through. My paintings are not traditional landscapes, they are are about being in the land and what I am thinking and feeling as I walk, I like to call them headscapes.

The paintings begin with a linear drawn element using paint , pencil and charcoal. Followed by layering of paint trying not to think too much, losing myself in the process of painting a conversation develops between artist and canvas. As the painting progresses more control and precise decisions are made while still trying to maintain an element of expressive mark making and intuition.

Find out more about Sandra’s artwork through her website or following her on Instagram @sandrarobinsonart