Latham, Glenys

Glenys Latham, Bolton

 I constantly draw on the breadth of Art Education I received at Bolton Secondary Art School and Art College, where some of my tutors who were MAFA members taught to me to look, see and respond by drawing and that has always underpinned my art. I gained a Dip. AD in Sculpture and Life Drawing at Wolverhampton College of Art. My interests and work have changed as travel experiences and happy accidents tempted me to explore new subjects and media. The language of sculpture in stone, bronze and wood once preoccupied me, exemplified in the Millennium Font carved for Chowbent Unitarian Chapel – . Travel to wild places, on one occasion supported by a MAFA Travel Bursary, shifted the focus of my interest from human form to natural form. The happy accident of friendship with John White CVO, poet and MAFA Trustee, led to me designing, printing and making editions of handmade books containing poems and drawings, copies of which now reside in the Royal Library at Windsor. My drawing kit now boasts an iPad which is a fascinating medium to explore and has added Giclée  prints of drawings / paintings of the natural world, created on my iPad from direct observation, to my increasingly diverse portfolio.

Working in layers of colour and marks with the option to save and duplicate a piece has led to sequences of studies that explore changing light and weather. I delight in drawing rain running down the window partially obscuring the land or sea scape before me. My three dimensional activities continue in the form of hand made artists books which are increasingly based on historic structures and contain images made on my iPad alongside mixed media drawings made on paper.


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