Glenys Latham Comments On The 2015 MAFA MMU Graduate Awards

Comments From Award giver Glenys Latham upon the MAFA Graduate Awards

Included in 2015 MMU Graduate Awards are four additional awards which are personal donations. Three from MAFA’s Trustees who are eager to give encouragement to new graduates and stimulate interest in the Academy from emerging new talent, and MAFAs President Award. Each award has been specifically focused by the donor toward an area of their interest. The Ian Thompson Award for Three-dimensional Art and Design is not necessarily awarded for sculpture, Ian being a sculptor himself, but for work that explores the language of three dimensions in any discipline, design or fine art. He hopes that it echoes some of the encouragement he was given, as a student, by an award made to him by The Royal Manchester Institution, to which MAFA was originally affiliated. For many years, John A. White (Canon Emeritus of Windsor) gave a Small Print Award to the MAFA Open Exhibition and wanted to reinstate this concept as an MMU Graduate Award. His interest is for the students work to show some evidence of concern to exploit the limitations and opportunities of the book plate size and format and some observable craft skill in the medium chosen, some design skill, and some creative imagination. Glenys Latham chose to donate two awards for Endeavour one to a Foundation Course student and one to a student graduating from a degree course in any art or design discipline. Experience as a lecturer in art and design and her personal story give her to believe that an individuals potential can be unlocked by endeavour in art and design. She shares with Ian the hopes that her awards give the encouragement such an award, at Bolton Secondary Art School, gave to her. The Presidents Award is a new catergory awarded for the first time this year. The award is for a Painter whose work shows an intuitive response to their subject, excitingly exploring the potential of their chosen medium, resulting in paintings which have personality.

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