Quick, Henry

Henry Quick Stockport

I was born in Manchester in 1946 and having had an influential father who was a commercial artist, I suppose I have always had an interest in drawing, painting and design. After a variety of jobs, including being a professional musician, I studied painting in Canterbury 1968-71 and then began a lifetime career teaching in Manchester. I continued to paint whenever time allowed and for many years attended classes with the admirable William Turner at his studio in Cheadle Hulme.
A parallel interest in the history of the two World Wars has also existed from boyhood. Since retirement in 2000, the historical literature and the artefacts I have collected all my life have beguiled me into making many journeys to the battlefields of Europe. I travel with a dual intent. I want to experience the geographical sites to which I have been led by the books I have read but more than that, I want to find a way to express the uniqueness of these places in my artwork: their aura, their tragedy, their story. By adding increasingly experimental materials to my work– plaster, lead, cement, leather, as well as found objects– I am still involved in that wholly absorbing intellectual process.


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