Norris, Ian

Ian Norris Preston

I like to deal with material that is local , exploring the figure and the landscape as subjects  ,I don’t use photographs , I paint exclusively from observation and I feel that painting is a fusion of my subconscious and the outside world .

I regularly go out into the landscape and usually work on the same motif over a period of weeks or months . I will work on the same canvas until I have something that excites me . This will entail returning to the subject at the same time of day in similar weather conditions , working for one or two hours in a session.

I want my paintings to be a record of a personal struggle , an exploration that sometimes never reaches a conclusion . The outcome is affected by external elements such as the weather or how I feel . In all of this , drawing from the motif is the key , the image being thus transformed by my experiencing the subject over a period of time .

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