Kate Collins’ Colloboration: Art and Poetry

Our current featured artist Kate Collins has recently published a book with Denis Taylor (Editor of painters TUBES magazine).

This is an artists collaboration of visual and written work. It began when one of Kate Collins drawings attracted the attention of Denis who wrote a poem to one of Kate’s artworks. From there, the concept of a mini-book developed.

Kate says, ‘The poetry really fits in with my drawings, I’m so pleased with it.’

This is the first edition of what may turn out to be a series. The book is available to preorder from painters TUBES magazine.

‘ I came to the realisation that this [book] idea may possibly encourage other artists and writers to re-introduce literature into visual art, which it seems to me has been separated by misguided cultural attitudes towards poetry and as modern visual art developed throughout the 20th and into the 21st century,’ explains Denis Taylor.

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